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Valentines Day - aka The Day of Chocolates and Sugar cookies

posted Feb 12, 2012 22:49:56 by MelissaCrick
OK, Move It & Lose It Folks! This Tuesday is your 1st temptation holiday with built in excuses to do your body bad. Here is the deal. I was in the grocery store today that has an entire isle dedicated to this money making holiday. More than 36 Million heart shaped boxes of chocolates will be sold this year for Valentines day. The average consumer spends more than $115 on this event. You can do A LOT with $115!
I know you are already asking, so, may I have box(s) of chocolates for valentines day? The answer is..... NO! Really? You had to ask? As a supportive coach, I have thought this through and have come up with some alternate ideas for your special day with your sweety.
Take a nice walk. Hold hands. Discuss how much you love each other. It will be well worth your time because a half hour walk at a brisk pace with your loved one will burn around 100 calories!
Those of you who have a spouse, show some LOVE! The Average number of children conceived on this day is 11,000. Don't conceive children, but practice and burn off some extra calories in the process. :)
We all know that a fit body is a sexy body - don't blow it on this day. Have strength - you simply do not need the sugar and you've been working too hard to have this type of setback.

See you all in class - keep up the good work

side note:
All of you with children...They do not need the candy either. By the time you retrieve them from school on Tuesday, they will have had enough for at least the week. This competition is made to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. Why not teach your kids this same lesson now so that they do not have to fight the battle later. Get creative and lose the sugar.
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Elizabeth said Feb 14, 2012 00:46:04
Practice baby making to celebrate the holiday...I LOVE IT!
Elizabeth Schwartz
"Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe dedicated."
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